SSL Certificate

Is your website labeled as Unsecure?

From July 2018, Google began marking websites without https (i.e. no SSL certificate) as “Not secure” or “Not secure”. Visitors to your website will then receive this message if you do not have it in place, and most likely then leave the site since they receive such a clear message that it is not secure.

Google will also rank sites without an SSL certificate lower on the search results page, affecting your traffic and revenue at the same time.

    An SSL certificate web page will either be marked with a gray or green padlock depending on the quality of the SSL certificate. The SSL certificate which provides the green padlock is of the type called EV, and will make both the website and the company appear more credible. Visitors will find that they are on a secure basis, in addition to making your website even more secure as all communication between the website and visitors is encrypted.

    It’s easy for you to check if you have this in place. Go to your website and check the address bar on the far left to see if it says “Not sure” there. If it says “Not secure”, “Not secure” or there is a red line there, then this means that the website does not have this certificate in place.

    If this is not in place then this indicates that the web agency or web host you are using is not taking security seriously. Contact us and we can easily help you get this in place.

    Why SSL Certificate Is Necessary

    Encrypt sensitive information

    Protects customers data from hackers – their passwords, credit card details or other sensitive data.

    Offers authentication

    Ensures that visitors send information to your servers, not distractors trying to steal information.

    Builds trust

     Visitors will trust your site more when they see visual cues like a lock icon or a green color. This increases the chance that visitors will stay on your site and become customers.

    Is SSL Certificate enough alone?

    An SSL Certificate is an important piece of protection for your visitors. But most hacks and data breaches come as a result of hackers accessing the unencrypted databases, so while HTTPS technology means that the data gets to the databases safely, they are not stored securely. Therefore, it is definitely recommended that you have other forms of protection in place as well.

    Be aware

    There are a number of different providers of SSL certificates. But our clear recommendation is to choose Digicert, which offers the fastest validation on the market. Note that certificates are sold from several providers that are actually phasing out their products, and these should be avoided even if they are sold cheaply. The certificates of Digiticert offer the highest validation that gives the green padlock in the address field of the browser.

    You can also install a free certificate from Lets Encrypt, but then the padlock is gray and not green. In addition, the company name will not appear in the validation of this type of certificate, and they must be renewed more often.

    Unlike all reseller stores that operate with bait advertisements and prices, we can help you with the validation and installation of quality SSL certificates free of charge.

    Get free help with validation and installation

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