Search Engine Poisoning Repaire

Search engine poisoning exploits the company’s website by injecting it with unwanted keywords and links. The consequence may be the loss of ranking in Google’s search or being blacklisted by Google.

We can both help you protect your company’s website against this or clean it if it is already infected.

Google blacklists about 10,000 new pages each day

Don’t risk losing ranking in Google’s search

In a study from 2017, it was found that 44% of website infection cases were misused for SEO spam campaigns.

When a website is infected, attackers often use it to distribute malicious software, send spam emails, and a host of other bad purposes. This can be significantly damaging to reputation, user experience and credibility.

Search Engine Poisoning (SEP) attacks are a so-called “Blackhat technique” used by hackers to abuse and otherwise leverage your rankings in Google’s search to give someone a better ranking.

Spammers often use special tools to identify websites that rank well with Google, and attack them for quick and easy SEO.

Because the demand for fast visibility in Google’s search is so high and central to many businesses, “Blackhat” search engine optimization has become a lucrative business that generates millions of dollars a year.

There are many ways SEO poisoning can take place

  1. Title and descriptions (meta tags) changed to include spam keywords.
  2. Existing content that has been filled with unwanted keywords.
  3. New categories and tags filled with unwanted keywords.
  4. Hide iFrames with spam keywords and links.
  5. Hidden keywords that appear only in Google search.

The consequences of SEO poisoning can be catastrophic

  1. You could lose rankings with the major search engines (ie Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) Imagine going from page 1 to page 10.
  2. The website may be marked with a warning in Google’s search and in the browser, which all users see.
  3. The ultimate consequence is that you are blacklisted. You will then completely disappear from Google’s search and be marked as a hacked site.

With our solution you minimize the risk of this

We have in-depth knowledge of this and can help with both repair and protection

 When your company’s web traffic is at stake, you will have a solution that can quickly restore your website. A hacked website that is subject to SEO poisoning is not only embarrassing the unwanted keywords but they also make visitors insecure because they understand that the website is hacked. As part of a global response team of security personnel, we can respond quickly when you need us most.