Professional repair and removal of malware on websites

We don´t just fix the site, but we stop it from being hacked again.

For companies that do not use our 8-layer protection solution, we offer free malware removal if you choose one of our pricing plans to protect the website behind our protection solution. 

We are so confident in our protection that we promise to immediately clean your website again for FREE if it is ever hacked again.

Our experience tells us that once your website has been hacked you are much more likely to be hacked again, as the site will be “tagget” by bots that will remember your site as an easy target. Our service ensures that once your site is clean, it stays clean

Choose the pricing plan below and we will immediately help you get the website repaired.

Professional work with over 85 cybersecurity specialists who analyze 100,000 new threats every day.

  • Clean the website for malware
  • Purge by SEO spam
  • Removing security alerts
  • Post-checkup
  • Automatic removal if reinfected

After the cleanup, your website will be protected from our solution, which acts as a barrier that filters out malicious requests and protects your site from future attacks.

If your site is somehow re-infected, you can rest assured that we offer unlimited cleanup requests as long as you use our security solution.

WARNING: Stay way from unserious free providers who often just take advantage of the situation you are in and damage the website even more.

Choose the right plan for your business

Cloud-based solution - No hardware or software to install. No changes needed to your website. No change of host. We do a simple 2 minutes DNS change to ensure all traffic to your site is routed through and protected by our solution.