An important ranking factor in Google’s search

Google has clearly signaled that the loading speed of the homepage is an important factor in Google’s search.

When your website is placed behind our security solution, it can be up to 85% faster. This can have a positive impact both in terms of user experience and ranking in Google’s search.

Improved speed

How do we make the website faster?

Through our solution you get the benefit of our integrated speed optimization that gives you up to 85% better speed.

We focus on appropriate metrics to optimize speed, such as total time and not time for first byte or server response time.


When behind our security solution, you get access to a globally distributed Anycast network that optimizes speed and performance.

Gzip compression

Gzip compression reduces file and package sizes sent over the web, and can dramatically improve page speed.

Fast HTTP / 2 support

HTTP / 2 provides faster performance, reduced response time and thus improved SEO rankings.


We fine-tuned the settings to give you maximum performance and protection.

Positive consequences of increased speed

Positive SEO effect

Because speed is an important factor in Google’s search, increased speed can contribute to a higher ranking in Google’s search.

More customers

 Statistics show that more than half of visitors leave a mobile site that spends more than 3 seconds on load.

For every extra 0.1 second of loading time, you lose 1% of your customers.

Don’t lose revenue by accepting to have a slow website.