Instant help for hacked websites

Malicious files and viruses are complex and tend to spread and get worse over time. Once the website has been hacked, you risk downtime, blacklisting from Google and loss of reputation and revenue. That’s why our response team is always ready.

Don’t spend more money or time than necessary, get our help.

Typical signs

Typical signs that the site is infected with malware:

  • Content has been littered with SEO spam
  • Unauthorized visitor forwarding
  • Loss of content
  • Serving unauthorized ads
  • Suddenly slow loading time
  • Suddenly removed from Google’s search

Take back the control of your website from hackers

Website cleanup

Once the website has been hacked, infected with malware or blacklisted by Google, it is critical to get this fixed quickly both in terms of reputation and revenue loss. Visitors feel unsafe on your website and run the risk of getting their computers infected by viruses.

Our response team is ready when you most need it to clean and repair your website.

What you get

We not only clean the site superficially, but do a complete repair.

Complete cleanup

We safely remove all malicious coding in the file systems and databases of the website. website file system and databases. Your website is being repaired and restored.

Removal of security alerts

Search engines and antivirus programs mark hacked websites with a warning. We are requesting on your behalf to have it removed.

Removal of SEO spam

We clean up spam of keywords and links that are infected on your website to ensure that the website is displayed correctly in the search engines.

Professional service

 We have a library of automated malware removal tools and well-trained security analysts who carefully check your site.

What to Expect When We Recover the Website After Hacking

How we take care of the website and safely clean it after hacking

1. Connection

We link to your site using your login information for FTP / SSH. If your site is offline, we can clean the website files and database locally.

2. Backup

We automatically log every file we touch and back up before making any changes. We give you a complete report of everything we find.

3. Baseline scanning

The response team immediately runs multiple scripts to understand the website layout. If we find any vulnerable software on your server, we will walk you through how to update it.

4. Malicious file removal

Our experienced security analysts and research-driven tools keep us on top of new threats and security issues. When your site is clean, we send requests to search engines and antivirus programs to remove warnings.