About Us

Backed by Comodo, ReconByte gives you a solution that will identify and stop security threats before they ever reach your website by using the latest technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

ReconByte.com is legally located under Portalen Gruppen AS in Norway.

Why use us


In a noisy industry with high price tags, many businesses have not secured their website – although websites are the preferred target for web attacks. Businesses are often misled to buy expensive monitoring services that doesn´t give any active protection. Often times businesses are misled to buy only endpoint solutions, despite the fact that over 90% of hacker attacks are focused on web applications like websites and intranets.

The consequence has been that been that businesses often stay unprotected hoping their site will not be hit. In some cases they hope that their hosting provider is responsible for their website security. That is not the case. The web host is responsible to protect the server infrastructure the website is hosted on, not the website itself. The website owner is responsible to secure their own website. In other cases their host or the website owner have bought a 20 dollar security solution that only gives a false protection.

An analyse found that it takes about only 30 – 45 days for a new website, with no content or audience, to be identified and added to a bot crawler. Once a website is identified by a bad bot, the next attack phase will start. If your website is not protected behind a security solution that filters out bad traffic the odds will be on the attackers side, as they have unlimited attempts to breach your website. They only need to succeed once. 

The key to a highly effective security solution is access to data. ReconByte is backed by Comodo, a global leader in threat intelligence and malware cyber defense, that has over 700,000 business customers and retrieves data from over 100 million endpoints weekly. 

The largest companies, financial institutions, universities and governments choose Comodo’s technology for their digital security. The reason is that Comodo offers first-class security in an efficient way that saves them time and money. Some of the customers include HP, IBM, Xerox, Schlumberger, Stanford University, Michigan State University and NASA.”

Our goal is to help all businesses, no matter the size, to get their websites safely protected to prevent the damage caused by breaches. This we do by offering a unified solution that utilizes over 20 years of practical experience with the latest in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for better threat identification, monitoring and damage mitigation..