Over 80% are. Backed by Comodo, ReconByte gives you a solution that will identify and stop security threats before they ever reach your website by using the latest technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
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The key to a highly effective security solution is access to data. ReconByte is backed by Comodo that has over 700,000 business customers and retrieves data from over 100 million endpoints weekly. This makes it possible to identify attack trends and update your website firewall in real-time!

Unlike most other security solutions ReconByte is easy to use, requires no maintenance on your part and instantly protects your website so you can focus on your core business.

ReconByte Protects Your Website Against

OWASP 10 Threats

Bad Bots

DDoS Attacks

Web Scrapers

Zero Day Attacks

Brute Force Attacks

Resource misuse

And much more 


"Studies show that 60% of all smaller businesses must close within six months of being hacked. Security attacks on businesses can be very damaging and costly."

“Many small and medium-sized business mistakenly believe they are not in danger of being hacked. But automated bots don’t care if the site belongs to a small local business owner or a large enterprise.”

Websites hacked daily (source: Sophos Labs)

Logins stolen every week (source: Google)


Of all traffic is malware

Websites blacklisted by Google daily

“Bots are deadly effective in reaching out to every corner of the world. An analyse found that it takes about only 30 – 45 days for a new website, with no content or audience, to be identified and added to a bot crawler.”

Website security questions you need to ask yourself

How is my site protected from DDoS attacks, password hacking and vulnerabilities?

How have I secured my website in case all the content of my website is deleted after a hacker attack?


Google blacklist websites that are infected with malware. Therefore, it is critical to discover early if the site is infected to avoid to be penalized in Google's search. How do I monitor my website today to reveal hacking as early as possible?


Have I checked if my website shows as "safe" or "not secure" in Google's search results.

Do I use a modern firewall that does not block Google's crawlers.

Our cloud-based solution gives your website 8-layer protection against malware, DDoS attacks, unauthorized redirects and automatic bots. Not only does the solution make the website much more resilient, but it also increases the speed by up to 85%.

The insights and technology is delivered in collaboration with an industry leader in cyber security defense and intelligence solutions. Be protected behind a unified solution that utilizes over 20 years of practical experience with the latest in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for better threat identification, monitoring and damage mitigation.

Even when hackers cannot break into a site they can still cause mass disruption to your business by overloading your site and stopping it loading for any visitors by performing a DDoS attack when your website is not protected. Our solution will ensure that our servers soak up these large scale DDoS attacks to keep your site and business running – allowing your site to keep working for it’s real visitors.

    You get access to your own Control Center

    Not only will your site be continuously monitored by artificial intelligence and our team of security analysts, but you also get access to this control center so  you can watch with your own eyes what’s going on:

    The price is only from USD 129 per month and the only thing you need to do to be protected is to update the name servers or A records – this we can do for you.

    When it comes to web security, it is far cheaper to prevent than to repair. Statistics from “First Data” show that, on average, a data breach for a small company costs USD 36,000. For many people, all the stress and strain is the biggest price they have to pay when the website is compromised.

    Why is this happening?

    Hackers use automated scripts to attack websites to: 

    • Steal customer information, such as email addresses and credit card information.
    • Destroy the website and scare away users.
    • Redirect your visitors to spam websites.
    • Sending spam emails from your server (which in turn results in the legitimate emails you send out being rejected as spam as well)
    • Make your website blacklisted by Google or destroy your search rankings.
    • Destroys files and exploits memory

    How your website is protected behind our solution

    Detects security holes and vulnerabilities on your website in real time

    Stops hacker and bots attacks

    Continuous 24/7/365 monitoring


    Help you meet the GDPR's regular vulnerability scanning requirements

    On average, 85% faster speed

    Improves your ranking in Google's search

    Avoid SEO spam that can ruin your ranking in Google's search


    Avoid content scraping that can hurt your Google ranking


    Prevents you from being blacklisted by Google

    An innovative 8-layer protection secures your website

    Backed by the insights and technology from a global leader in threat intelligence and malware cyber defense 

    Automatic bots and scripts have endless attempts to break into your website, and only a small security hole is required for them to access your site. That's why defense in depth (multiple layers of cyber security) is so important. If a hacker breaks through the first layer of protection, you want a second and third layer to stop them. Therefore, several layers of protection are needed to keep the site safe.

    1. WAF

    A powerful web application firewall solution that filters all traffic before it reaches your website.

    All traffic is filtered in real time through the firewall and blocks attacks and bots before they reach your site.

    2. S.I.E.M

    A machine learning and artificial intelligence system that monitors all traffic to your site to identify and block threats in real-time.

    Backed by Comodo, that gives access to data from 85+ million endpoints allowing for advanced prediction and protection of zero-day threats that are virtually patched (sealed) in the firewall.

    3. Security experts 24/7

    The certified analysts in the 24/7 Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC) monitor your site 24/7 and respond to any incidents.

    Smart algorithms and machine learning are a very good tool. But the experience of a dedicated security team is also crucial when critical events occur.

    4. Auto Containment

    Automatic removal of malicious code

    The malware removal system automatically blocks and quarantines any suspicious malware that is then reviewed by the cybersecurity analyst team. 

    5. Malware monitoring

    Continuous scanning of the website every 6 hours to check for malicious software or code.

    Detecting malware early is critical as it is inherent in the nature of malware to spread. An infected website that does not detect malware early enough will be blacklisted by Google when they discover it. If malware is detected, it is removed free of charge.

    6. Security holes and vulnerabilities

    Discover new security holes and vulnerabilities immediately.

    Hackers are constantly looking for new security holes and vulnerabilities. Capture and fix vulnerabilities early with our security scanner that every 4 hours analyzes your site and notifies you immediantly of security issues. A quarterly vulnerability report is also prepared and delivered to you in pdf format.

    7. Speed ​​Optimization

    Through a global CDN network, the company's website is delivered at optimal speed to its users.

    On average, websites that use our solution achieve 85% faster load speeds.

    8. Quarterly vulnerability check

    Quarterly vulnerability check provided in pdf report.

    The control is delivered from the outside and simulates an external attacker trying to compromise your website. In the Pro plan it also includes Google hacking check and password audit.

    The technology is delivered in collaboration with a global leader in threat intelligence and malware cyber defense. Giving a unified solution that utilizes over 20 years of practical experience with the latest in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for better threat identification, monitoring and damage mitigation.



    "Europol mentions ransom viruses as an epidemic and thinks this type of attack has taken cybercrime to a new level. Europol director Rob Wainwright urges individuals and businesses to make greater efforts to protect themselves."


    "The firewall of ReconByte stops daily on average 20 intrusion attempts at"


    "With ReconByte today has a loading time of 691 ms, compared to earlier 3.2 seconds."

    Why is it so important to protect your website?

    When you purchase a domain on your organization number, the company becomes legally responsible for the use of the domain.

    This means that you should take some precautions, especially considering that over 90% of hacker attacks today are automated script / bots searching for web pages with weaknesses, and on average it only takes from 30 – 45 days for a new website, without content or traffic, is identified by a bot.

    When you buy a domain from a traditional domain provider or hosting company you have to manage the domain yourself. This mean that it is your responsibility to  protect the domain with important security measures such as DNSSEC, SPF records and WAF. We understand that most companies do not know what this is and that many companies do not want to be responsible for this themselves

    Today, data breach is the biggest security threat for any company with a website. If your company has a website, it can be attacked at any time by automated bots and hackers from around the world.

    The best defense is to filter all traffic to your website and uncover vulnerabilities before automated bots detect them.

    Still, most organizations are still waiting to be hit before they are willing to follow it up. The cost of securing the website through our solution is very low compared to the cost of a data breach could be.

    Get protected with the technology of Comodo, a global leader in threat intelligence and malware cyber defense with over 85 cyber security specialists analyzing 100,000 new threats every day.

    If your website is hacked then the consequences can be devastating:


    • You run the risk to have your website shutdown for a long period of time.
    • You run the risk to damage your reputation.
    • You run the risk to distribute malicious code to your visitors.
    • You run the risk to get sensitive data stolen or loose your whole site.
    • You run the risk to loose revenue due to loss of ranking in Google’s search.
    • You run the risk to be fined according to the GDPR regulations.
    • You run the risk to be blackmailed for money.

    Keep in mind that being proactive is considerably cheaper than handling the consequences of a hacked website.